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The developers of SentinelStop have over twenty-five years experience in the design and mental health facilities and other environments for at-risk patients, assisting providers in the creation of emotionally healing and physically safe facilities. During the design of such facilities it became obvious that doors, even with anti-ligature hardware, still create opportunities for client self-injury or death. Patients intent on self-injury can circumvent the use of anti-ligature door handles by using the tops and sides of doors, accessories, throwbolts and hinges to support ligatures. In response to this need we have developed the patented SentinelStop system to provide instantaneous notification of attempted ligature use to a central staff location through an integrated sensor system at each designated door tied to a dedicated ethernet monitoring system. The system functions by converting the entire door assembly into a weight scale which identifies any additional weight put on the assembly. This system can detect a loss of power to a door, attempts to circumvent the system by wedging the door and any imposed loads above an established trigger weight. Any of these events will be detected by the central monitoring station and audible alarms and visual notification will be provided to the staff at the monitor. All system components are non accessible by clients and are not visible when installed. Depending on client requirements the System can also be programmed to provide instant notification of system alerts through the client's central alarm, paging or telephone systems. The SentinelStop monitoring system can accomodate as many doors as needed, up to 24 doors can be displayed per monitor.


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